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Hiring your first personal business assistant is an amazing time for all newly turned entrepreneurs. It suggests that business is doing pretty well that the business owner can no longer hold on productively with the demands of the new trade. Business sales are growing and time becomes of the utmost significance. Arrangement of business tasks and personal works can become very exacting and intricate. This is the time new business owners often find themselves seeing a personal assistant.

A personal business assistant differentiates from a secretarial worker or secretary, as the responsibilities are more varied for a personal assistant. A personal assistant will do whatever is required to make the business run in a smooth way and will do whatever is required to make the business owner’s life run uninterruptedly as well. Even though a personal assistant normally also takes care of clerical and secretarial responsibilities, a personal assistant is someone who is more of a “jack of all trades” than any other kind of employee and the responsibilities may include private chores done in place of the employer.

The choice of a personal assistant hence should be given the utmost of consideration. Given below a list of probable qualities to search for when selecting a personal assistant:

Elasticity of schedule: the hours a personal assistant can be very diverse, based upon the requirements of the business owner. These hours can embrace some nights and weekends when social actions and business meetings may take place.

Elasticity of personality: A great personal assistant requires an elastic, simple going personality, as the demands of the task can be quite straining, as well as varied.

Capability to multi-task: as the jobs are truly varied, multi-tasking capabilities are a certain necessity.

Capability to bond and work well with other: The personal assistant will be revealed to all involved in multiple ways within the business, as well as the business owner and customers. A capability to develop relationships simply with others is compulsory.

Ability to learn instantly and productively: A personal assistant will require entering into business and learning every duty quite rapidly and energetically. There may be a big learning curve, based on the business and the requirements of the business owner.

Knowledge of office processed and other tasks linked to the business: Without some initial knowledge of office processes and daily processes that are exclusive to the business, renting the assistant, problems normally take place.

In the country, more than 400 million folks operate in the informal sector, which includes roughly 75% of country’s working labour force. While the sector has blamed for not paying taxes or for overlooking labour laws, it is still an important player in building country’s GDP. Moreover, with present speedy world, the informal sector has behaved as an anchor to country’s hauteur.

Just think of  a present day mother in New Delhi or NCR, she has the perfect 2 kids, a great job in an MNC, a house in a protected colony, a decent car and to cap it off, a partner who is a manager in a big software firm. To handle her household chores, she will generally require hiring help in the form of a babysitter to look after the children while she is working, a house maid and a cook to maintain the cleanliness and prepare family meals and finally a driver to take her children to school. Without these persons, she may have to give up her career ambitions.

When multiple BPO jobs situated in Bangalore, you will get a number of bachelors moving to the city suburbs with their fresh acquired software degrees. While living away from their families may suggest fewer luxuries, a bachelor does not have to invest an arm and a leg in keeping the apartment or room clean. He can simply hire a part time maid to get his/her place cleaner for as low as Rs 2000 per month. While the pay may be quite low, a part time maid has the option to work in over three households and aggregately make a good pay, which builds a win-win situation for all.

If you visit a fancy wedding, you are anticipated to witness stunning silk saris slipped on by the bridal party. What you may not be aware of is that behind every silk sari there is a team of husband and wife working in Kanchipuram where they strenuously weave thread by thread of silk to ready a stunning and complex design. The sari is then transferred to a retail outlet which in turn trusts on a smart sales executive to sell it to the prospective buyer.

In addition to offering employment, the informal sector lends hope to minority groups that may not have access to triennial education. When online shopping companies like Flipkart hires delivery boys, they never call for bachelor’s degree, instead opt for a 12th Standard graduate with good communication skills. Besides he should also own a two wheeler. This also suggest that an average 12th standard gradate has the capacity to remarkably contribute to the growing e-commerce environs.

In a nutshell, whenever you search for a job, you will witness that you rely massively on the informal sector to effortlessly run your routine life, the accountant at your local grocery store, your vegetable seller and even the security of your household is dependent on your security person. As such, you should make sure you treat these folks well by offering decent wages and giving them great respect. After all, you require them as much as they require you.

When we talk about careers in retail, a store and sales executives is what pops up in our minds. Yet the retail industry chips in about 8% of the total employment in the country. A major amount goes behind the scenes into turning the store come energetic & presentable! The Indian industry is amongst the biggest on this earth in terms of economic worth anticipated at $500 billion and chipping in to about 12-15% of the India’s GDP. The retail industry of India consists of unorganized as well as contemporary retail. Patterns of store incorporate old kirana or Mom and Pop shops to malls with exclusive stores, stores or outlets with discounted goods, departmental stores, groceries, supermarkets and small-sized convenience stores. Even E-retail is also a big pattern in the country today. With sanction of 51% FDI in the country, the retail sector is set to enhance at 20% yearly, adding more jobs and career choices for folks.

Retail is about versatility

An entry level counter staff individual at a coffee store might make up to Rs. 5-6000, a full-time domestic home aids earns a same pay and an experienced driver, cook or babysitter gets salary of about Rs 8-10k.

Working as a counter staff at a coffeehouse, but makes far more sense to a latest school or college graduate, where there is an articulate career progress and an eventual capability to unite with the management cadre.

A smart fresher (10th pass/12th pass, 12th fail) can begin with as counter sales assistant in a retail outlet and can make upto Rs. 7000/-, not counting the payoffs and bonuses, good work performance and slow promotion in the sales role and in just a matter of 2 years or so he or she can turn into an assistant store manager, making at least Rs. 9000. Within 5 years of joining as counter sales staff, a person is eligible to turn into a store manager, making a minimum of Rs 15k, and candidates who put in a lot of effort and show commitment, could turn into a Regional Manager within a decade of joining the industry. That is extraordinary growth for a smart, meticulous, expressive graduate with 10th or 12th pass person. With a little effort, freshers can make their own living great they usually come across in advertisements, while functioning for a brand they are proud to work with.

Working for a big-league brand retail chain or in the fast-food place is not just about the pay potential, though, or the potential improvement in mobile phone/vehicle/apparel. There is other, less real, but even stronger go-getters such as family name and status.

Just like the legion of the things a store sells, retail also provides a number of job opportunities and career choices and for folks from all spheres and academic qualifications.

Given below are some of them:

  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising, marketing and sales
  • Operations management