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The period instantly after PUC is an important one and is recognized the verge of life. It is almost similar to a signboard that says ‘Life is calling’. This time is recognized key when you talk of making choices such as advance studies and career choices which could put together your future. Luckily these days, the students have the option to obtain some work experience first before they elect further and if so, what to follow. While the western impact has more and more folks wanting to turn monetarily independent early on, firms have also opened up chances for PUC pass students. Beginning early has its own benefit with more work expertise, knowledge of choices, financial freedom and the capability to even save towards coming education expenses.

Choices in Government

Post PUC one can apply for several jobs which need 10+2 as educational qualification. Based on the subject line analyzed one can obtain clerical jobs in almost all government divisions. A science student can take up work in medical or hospital and science division, commerce students can deal with accounting and investing and students who study arts can take up jobs in several fields like public works, Legal, PR and communications, railway, schools and dozens of others.

Choices in private firms

As the growth of MNC’s in the country in Retail, IT-BPO and Healthcare sector, career choices in the private sector are ample. There are both part-time and full time jobs, as standard staff, contractors as well receptionist, chauffeurs, housekeeping and office executives. Multiple of the BPO’s employ folks who have decent English speaking skills or regional language communication skills in their voice process divisions.

Ranging from store managers, sales help to booth managers—all this and more can be picked up as a standard job. All that is needed is an interest in trading the product and the capability to learn.

PUC students are acknowledged as front office executives and office managers in almost all office incorporating healthcare and warmth with a little less of training from the firm. The benefits of jobs such as these, is that they are organized, offer handsome salary, and enable the employee to obtain a very good knowledge of the industry they are functioning in. This could aid you make a longer term career or decision in education. These ranks as well provide training in essential skills sets such as utilizing tally, CRM solutions and handling merchants.

At the same time, PUC graduate students could effortlessly consider functioning as part-time or full-time drivers to keep in some great savings. Likewise, retail, restaurants and e-commerce firms are always on the sentry for committed delivery employees—all you require is a genuine driving license and a celebrates knowledge of city lanes.

There is no deficiency of career choices for PUC degree holders, it is just a matter of searching for and taking up the best of part-time, full-time or long-term choices.

If you are presently in college or contemplating about what kind of career you would like to pursue, you have various difficult decisions to take. First of all, you will require deciding what subject to take. This decision should incorporate considerations regarding the kind of industry you desire to work in, the kind of work you enjoy as well as the financial rewards you want to obtain.

But, if you are thinking ahead regarding searching for a job post graduation, there are a number of things you can carry out all through your time in college to make sure that you are successful in your job search afterwards. When you are a fresher, employers will most anticipated to look at these aspects when deciding whether or not to rent you.

Hard Skills

Employers desire you to own marketable, hard skills. When defining your hard skills, stipulate if you have enrolled for any computer courses, other valid workshops or training. Indicating the particular skill, but, is not sufficient. You should define how this specific skill will benefit the employer and his/her company. The employer will desire knowing what you can do for the organization, as opposed to what the organization can do for you.

Soft Skills

Preferably, soft skills encase your capability to communicate with and interact with others. Employers care regarding soft skills as they target to rent someone that is a good personality fit with the organizational culture and the remaining of the team. Therefore, they will desire someone who has a simple time communicating with others, who can involve and listen in a team meeting, as well as someone who can effortlessly leave a positive impression on customers.


If you were an employer, you would also be hesitant to rent someone who has never done a job previously. If you try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes, you should be capable to spotlight why you think you perhaps have sufficient experience to be believed with the position and the related duties.

Your experience does not certainly require belonging to the formal workplace. If you have performed during a student conference, enlisted with a company or catered to as a student leader, you should cite that experience on your CV and in your interview. For instance, if you are enquired to define a time when you dealt with an issue and fine-tuned it, you can refer this in an application or during an interview.

Part time jobs

An impressive way to obtain practical experience before you graduate is to take up a part time job. While working during the evenings or on the weekend can seem like forgo, a work experience and additional money is certainly the way to go.


Most essentiality, but, you require being confident in your data as well as skills. Before submission of application and going out for interviews, review your experience and think of an ideal way to present yourself and your upbringing to probable employers.

With over 60% unemployment in Greece, a number of curious Greeks are falling prey to job scammers. However scamming is not restricted to companies suffering from recession. Perhaps, India has also witnessed its share of job scams, like the rural jobs scam where bogus scams that act as revenue for crooked government legitimates. Given below are some instance of job scams that aim ignorant job aspirants and how to prevent falling into these job scam traps.

To prevent job scams, you will require looking for job productively. While there are few consultancies that are unreal, few are actually real. If you desire to contact a consultancy ensure it is an established one by asking your friends or family who may have dealt with earlier. Majority authentic consultancies charge employers instead of job seekers and even when they charge job aspirants, they only do it once and the charges are very reasonable. Even better, job portals such as kaam24.com enable you to effortlessly register for free, flip through available jobs for free-of-cost, contact employers and never ask for any commission or so when you get successfully hired.

So how do you know that the job offered is not real and further, the job posting was also not actual? To start with, these kinds of jobs do not generally have an interview procedure. Whether it is a babysitter or a marketing professional, any serious employer will always call for an interview particularly as this job was pretended to a global position. Next, for global jobs, the visa application procedure is always started by the employer and processed at the official consulate, not via a virtual immigration consultant. The reality that the employer asked you to call the consultant or else abandon the position was a tell-tale indication that they just desired to pass out with your hard earned money.

Other job scams like this one at Airtel provided a position with a final interview session listed at the company main headquarter however you were asked to deposit money in advance (refundable apparently) to ‘safeguard’ your job as a component of the human resource management procedure. This was apparently an untruth as not only would Airtel not provide you a job through email, but they would also never extort any money from you to expedite their hiring procedure.