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The period instantly after PUC is an important one and is recognized the verge of life. It is almost similar to a signboard that says ‘Life is calling’. This time is recognized key when you talk of making choices such as advance studies and career choices which could put together your future. Luckily these days, the students have the option to obtain some work experience first before they elect further and if so, what to follow. While the western impact has more and more folks wanting to turn monetarily independent early on, firms have also opened up chances for PUC pass students. Beginning early has its own benefit with more work expertise, knowledge of choices, financial freedom and the capability to even save towards coming education expenses.

Choices in Government

Post PUC one can apply for several jobs which need 10+2 as educational qualification. Based on the subject line analyzed one can obtain clerical jobs in almost all government divisions. A science student can take up work in medical or hospital and science division, commerce students can deal with accounting and investing and students who study arts can take up jobs in several fields like public works, Legal, PR and communications, railway, schools and dozens of others.

Choices in private firms

As the growth of MNC’s in the country in Retail, IT-BPO and Healthcare sector, career choices in the private sector are ample. There are both part-time and full time jobs, as standard staff, contractors as well receptionist, chauffeurs, housekeeping and office executives. Multiple of the BPO’s employ folks who have decent English speaking skills or regional language communication skills in their voice process divisions.

Ranging from store managers, sales help to booth managers—all this and more can be picked up as a standard job. All that is needed is an interest in trading the product and the capability to learn.

PUC students are acknowledged as front office executives and office managers in almost all office incorporating healthcare and warmth with a little less of training from the firm. The benefits of jobs such as these, is that they are organized, offer handsome salary, and enable the employee to obtain a very good knowledge of the industry they are functioning in. This could aid you make a longer term career or decision in education. These ranks as well provide training in essential skills sets such as utilizing tally, CRM solutions and handling merchants.

At the same time, PUC graduate students could effortlessly consider functioning as part-time or full-time drivers to keep in some great savings. Likewise, retail, restaurants and e-commerce firms are always on the sentry for committed delivery employees—all you require is a genuine driving license and a celebrates knowledge of city lanes.

There is no deficiency of career choices for PUC degree holders, it is just a matter of searching for and taking up the best of part-time, full-time or long-term choices.

When we talk about careers in retail, a store and sales executives is what pops up in our minds. Yet the retail industry chips in about 8% of the total employment in the country. A major amount goes behind the scenes into turning the store come energetic & presentable! The Indian industry is amongst the biggest on this earth in terms of economic worth anticipated at $500 billion and chipping in to about 12-15% of the India’s GDP. The retail industry of India consists of unorganized as well as contemporary retail. Patterns of store incorporate old kirana or Mom and Pop shops to malls with exclusive stores, stores or outlets with discounted goods, departmental stores, groceries, supermarkets and small-sized convenience stores. Even E-retail is also a big pattern in the country today. With sanction of 51% FDI in the country, the retail sector is set to enhance at 20% yearly, adding more jobs and career choices for folks.

Retail is about versatility

An entry level counter staff individual at a coffee store might make up to Rs. 5-6000, a full-time domestic home aids earns a same pay and an experienced driver, cook or babysitter gets salary of about Rs 8-10k.

Working as a counter staff at a coffeehouse, but makes far more sense to a latest school or college graduate, where there is an articulate career progress and an eventual capability to unite with the management cadre.

A smart fresher (10th pass/12th pass, 12th fail) can begin with as counter sales assistant in a retail outlet and can make upto Rs. 7000/-, not counting the payoffs and bonuses, good work performance and slow promotion in the sales role and in just a matter of 2 years or so he or she can turn into an assistant store manager, making at least Rs. 9000. Within 5 years of joining as counter sales staff, a person is eligible to turn into a store manager, making a minimum of Rs 15k, and candidates who put in a lot of effort and show commitment, could turn into a Regional Manager within a decade of joining the industry. That is extraordinary growth for a smart, meticulous, expressive graduate with 10th or 12th pass person. With a little effort, freshers can make their own living great they usually come across in advertisements, while functioning for a brand they are proud to work with.

Working for a big-league brand retail chain or in the fast-food place is not just about the pay potential, though, or the potential improvement in mobile phone/vehicle/apparel. There is other, less real, but even stronger go-getters such as family name and status.

Just like the legion of the things a store sells, retail also provides a number of job opportunities and career choices and for folks from all spheres and academic qualifications.

Given below are some of them:

  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising, marketing and sales
  • Operations management